Co-curator and exhibition designer at 4+


In 2017 foundation 4+ will organize a number of events dedicated to 100 years of De Stijl, Mondrian to Dutch Design. The foundation thus provides a platform for artists whose work could be described as geometric abstract.

March 8 to12 we will start with essentie, an art event in the Nicolaï Church in Utrecht. This is a prime location. The church is adjacent to the Central Museum, where at that time the exhibition Rietveld’s Masterpiece; Long live De Stijl! is ongoing. In the church, we will organize a sales exhibition of art in geometric abstract tradition. The works will be displayed in for this purpose designed follies (see illustration). With an attractive side program we show the art in a broader cultural context and generate additional visit.

Spread over 2017 we will organize events in at least three locations: Utrecht, Heusden Vesting (June) and Den Helder (October / November).

The website is already online. The exhibition essentie in the Nicolaïkerk will be accompanied by a catalog.

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